Wednesday, 4 January 2012


My apologies all! Christmas 2011 was rather overwhelming and I am back up to speed and finally out of the food coma I once again placed myself into (with no coercion; simply all my own doing!)

So I shall not disappoint. We are going to back catalogue rather quickly this weekend.

Saturday I shall have my Christmas post up - which may be a little bit on the lead up but since I was slack it will mainly focus on Christmas day itself.

Sunday - I'll post a little something about my new years travels up to the Whitsunday Islands - magical magical magical!

Then it will be (as previously warned) a little sporadic again as I am leaving on a jet plane (anyone started humming John Denver? No? just me then...) to the United State of America baby!!!!

So I'll be travel blogging once again.

So to sum it up - I'm still alive (surprisingly), I'm making up for it over the weekend and I'm in a state of limbo as I bare yet another week of boring before the excitement of travel sets in yet again.

kisses my lovelies!

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  1. Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog and I actually read through most of it because you've got such great posts and photographs. Seriously. I love your photographs. Anyway, I'm excited to read your new travel posts. I just wanted to let you know. :)