Sunday, 23 December 2012

Two More Sleeps....

Why hello there long lost souls. I know it has been all rather sporadic and not in the least bit constant but I am indeed a wayward child.

So what brings me to the electronic pen and pad today? Well it's obvious isn't? Christmas Day is on our doorstep! Joy of Joys spread the Christmas cheer all round.

The past few days have been busy busy festive festive. I've done the big grocery shop, I've made the pudding and other treats, the halls have been decked, the carols by candlelight watched and the festive juices are bubbling away. I've still got a full speed ahead baking day ahead of me tomorrow wherein I shall slave happily away in the kitchen singing to all those merry carols.

But what brings me here today is the whole meaning of Christmas - I know, I know - it's all been said before but we always need a little Christmas cheer.

For me it isn't about the birth of someone, or that whole big R word - for me it's a very simple meaning. It isn't singular - I'm sure most of us think the same - it's about friends and family, it's the gift of giving of another year over looking back at all that was, smiling at your life and being grateful for everything that you have and not everything you wish you had.

I stuff myself full of delicious food because it's all apart of the celebration - indulge a little, let go a little, be happy - just for one day.

That's all it really needs to be. All those beautiful songs just tie a ribbon on it all. War is over, Our troubles will be miles away, no more lives torn apart. People come together and throw aside their differences, estranged relatives knock on your door, friendly faces give those in need a helping hand, children wake up to the magic of santa and the christmas tree, friends laugh and families bicker (in the traditional christmas feud which just ads to its' character)

So bring on the presents, the turkey and ham, get ready for oysters, prawns and a breakfast fry up, bring on the pudding and lather it with custard, pop the bons bons and watch the children all smiles and glistening eyes.

It's the most wonderful time of the year and two more sleeps is all that stands between me and the day of all days.

Also I promise on my love of Christmas I will post photos up of the big day - for I have many a dessert to show you.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

TT: The Festive Season Begins!

We all know it's my favourite time of year. I've decked the halls and pressed play on the endless joyful tunes of Christmas I'm all set to bring in the merry cheer.

So it all began in late October where I baked my grandma's famous Christmas cake and have since been greedily feeding it with festive rum.

And now I have just had the annual Christmas dinner with the friends. Bring on the kitchen utensils and Christmas spirit and I'm ready for a day cooking for my favourite gals.

I was a little preoccupied with playing hostess and laughing away the night to spend too much time taking photos - alas I completely forgot to snap the ham before the carve. Speaking of ham - it was a new recipe - quince paste and pear - deeeelious!

So the table was set, the red and green bunting was hung, the candles lit and the songs a buzzin. It was a table fit for such an occasion and we were definitely full of the Christmas spirit by the end of the night.

And le masterpiece of a dessert - YAY!!!!!! I did it - I defeated the beast that is the croquembouche! Lifting that cone up and seeing this success was truly a joy.

Enjoy the snaps.

Found these adorable tins and simply felt the urge to bake some Chrissy goods for my friends.

What to do with all that egg white left over from making creme patisserie? Make pavlova of course! I went for the pav stack instead this year, topped with refreshing mangoes.

And here it is!!! Can't wait to make it again and still can't believe that I did it.

Cheers to Christmas and can't wait to tell you more of my festive adventures.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

TT: Birthday Cupcakes

Yes I do indeed realise today is Wednesday.... I would indeed be a very rich person if I got a dollar for every time I apologised.

Anyhow here we are only a day late.

It was my little nephew's first ever birthday on Sunday!!!

What a day and what a perfect opportunity for baking!

As his father is a professed nerd and love all things Mario what better theme for his son's first birthday.

So here they are - my first attempt at decorating cupcakes was I would say average. But I'm not the most artistic of people and I'm rather proud of them in a small personal kinda way :)You can definitely make them out and thankfully the general consensus was all smiles; but practice I shall.

Here are my coconut and pineapple cupcakes with blue coconut buttercream and all the characters of the great Mario world.

Enjoy and till next time a hearty good eating.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

TT: Food of the Gods

No, not caviar, seafood or gold leaf truffles.

It's food I can't live without.

It's a magical sort of thing that somehow comforts, that encases people with warmth and love, it's simple food yet fills the soul with delight and nourishment.

It is of course BREAD! It's a universal love, it is food for both gods and peasants. It is incandescent bliss.

YES! I stuck to my word and behold my first ever proper loaf of fresh home made bread!

Thanks to the fabulous baker brothers - Tom and Herbert (slight obsessions) I cannot wait for your next season! And of course thanks must also go to dear Sherry - who God bless her saved my delicate hands from much kneading.

So here it is - it was actual quite a success. It is no where near perfect but it did indeed rise and it did indeed smell and look and taste like fabulous white bread.

It was however not the softest - so I believe more kneading might be in order next time round.

So I shall keep on at it and of course keep dear you informed.

Sorry I didn't post on Friday... give me I chance and one day I will redeem myself...


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

TT: Melbourne Cup Nehs!

Neh neh neh! Insert obligatory horse impression.

It's the one and only Melbourne cup.

For all you non Aussies the Melbourne cup is more commonly known as the race that stops the nation. Or more colloquially known as a 'work' day of little productivity, a lot of food, a lot of booze and a bunch of talk about horses; as we all pretend to be the experts on tipping.

So this year let us celebrate the race in the best way I know how - BAKING!

Here are my ode to the cup cupcakes. I'm evolving my baking skills through working with fondant. A first is always a first and I think it ain't a bad one.

They were hazelnut chocolate cupcakes with a little nutella surprise inside.

And I waited for the race to be over before I posted this and low and behold - this baby only bets once a year for this one important race and..... drum roll....

I yet again did not back the winning horse.

Here's to the next year.


Friday, 2 November 2012

FF: The End Product

Here it is. I did it. I cleaned my entire wardrobe!

Isn't it such a sight to behold. I haven't seen my clothes this clearly since the new millennium. Will it last - of course not. I would like to see a girl who isn't royalty or someone with maids who maintains a pristine wardrobe. Granted I still believe it might be possible if my wardrobe was the size of two main bedrooms plus a flight of stairs - a girl can dream.

But I think I'll keep it this way for a little longer than usual (she says).

I'm also feeling a little out of touch with the whole busy lifestyle thing so I will make this my temporary job in order to maintain what little brain cells I still have.
My endless leisurely days have taught me a lot about myself. I am easily pleased and I am prone to being idle yet every now and again I actually still feel like little miss brain needs to turn on.

What else is happening in terms of the life of fashion me. Very little. My last purchase was a black blouse and my next purchase is a very diligent nothing. I refuse to buy more clothes unless absolutely necessary.

By that I mean if those red signs reach 60%. It's my goal and I intend to keep it (so she says).

So anyway off to the land of couch potato (just one more episode...)

Sadly I've still got no street shots for this Sunday but I shall most certainly see you Tuesday for the race that stops my nation.


PS: I do realise a couple of posts ago I mentioned something about a Christmas Cake. Don't worry I've done it but I'm going to leave that TT for somewhere down the line :)

Monday, 29 October 2012

TT: Banana Rama

I love seeing overripe bananas in my fruit bowl cause it means one thing - Banana bread!!!

It's probably one of the easiest things to bake and yet brings such a joy to people. Ingredients measured into a bowl and hand mix it together and ta-da it's ready for the cooking.
And you just gotta love that distinctly delicious smell as it bakes in the oven.

It's a loaf fit for morning, lunch and afternoon tea. Eat it on its own, toast it with butter, sprinkle it with cinnamon if you so desire. It's your call.

Banana bread - warm, comfortable and universally liked (an obvious generalization)

Yum! See you all Friday!

Friday, 26 October 2012

FF: Clean Out

Haven't seen one of these in while!

I'm cleaning out wardrobe. I tend to do this properly every couple of years I find it both rewarding and sad.

Rewarding because I get to see all the pretty clothes I have and sad because those pretty clothes have been regulated by me to the no longer wear pile.

And not because they are damaged, stained or even too small. It's simply because I've bought new clothes and they are simply neglected and my tastes change erratically.

The photo is the bunch of clothes that will find new homes. Whether that be my younger cousins or to a good cause.

I've been cleaning now for just over half an hour and I've still got the draw to do. Another feeling - frustration. I get so frustrated at my inability to keep my wardrobe neat. It really shouldn't be hard and considering the love I have for it, I really should feel some sort of obligation to nurture it.

A neat wardrobe is a fashion heaven. All that gorgeousness is right there in plain sight. An outfit to choose is an easy feat. Unlike my messy one which results in that pretty little number being hidden amongst the old tshirts and shorts wrinkled in the back corner.

Of course it would help if I had more room to work with. I have already taken the 2 other wardrobes in the house and yet each passing month the coat hangers begin to look like the inside of a Tokyo train.

Well that's my rewarding break. Off to tackle the destruction of the drawers.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

New beginnings

That's it. All over. No longer can I call myself a public servant.
So what's in store for the future. We all knew it was never a career path, I knew it was coming and I never saw it as a long term thing and yet there goes a pretty eventful chapter.
I learnt a whole lot of things and I'm grateful for the experience. I feel as if maybe I might just have a small advantage. Maybe I can rise above the crowd, a student with three years work experience - not bad.
I'm unemployed and I'm saying yes, this is more than ok. I'll start a new, i'll write a new book.

Step 1 - purchase a kitchen aid OMG! I really never knew I could literally fall in love with an inanimate object. She's called Sherry and she's my precious baby.

Step 2 - do my best at something I was never keen on doing.
So I've finished TV week at uni and it was one daunting and intensely nerve racking experience. So three out of the 5 days I was to head out with a professional camera crew and report on a story I was assigned. The other 2 days I would stay in the newsroom and write international and national stories using footage from channel 7 and international provider reuters.
So my three days as junior reporter were a mixture of excitement, nerves and sheer outer territory. Yeah I got to ride in the back of a van and feel like I was genuinely doing something rather important and yes I went out and set up interviews and put together an entire news package and I'm grateful for the experience.
BUT one thing I have most certainly ruled out is just that - I shall not be a reporter. I loved the learning experience but I could never do that as a job. It's far too much work for far too little money. Some reporters are in office by 5 and don't get out till 8 at night. No way - that's not my cup of tea.
No wonder why every broadcast journo wants to be an anchor. All they literally do is read the news which all these hard working reporters wrote.
So I've made my debut on local television, I've seen a glimpse of real life reporting and I can now say I've done that.

Step 3 - Bake bread. I have yet to attempt this and doughs of all sorts terrify me but now with my baby Sherry helping me each step of the way I'm ready to tackle a dreaded recipe.

Step 4 - Stop buying things when I have no money to spend. I'm just so use to a steady income it's hard to realise that my bank account will not increase every fortnight. THINK!

Step 5 - Take it all in. These youthful years are the best (so I'm told) so cherish it I shall. There's much ahead of me and for now I'm happy for all that to stay in the dark. I'm happy with the life I lead and I'm more than happy to let things pan out as they should.

Ciao. See you sometime next week where I will be talking Christmas Cake!


Wednesday, 26 September 2012


So what's news?

Mysteriously disappearing is obviously old news and passing the days at uni is also getting tiresome.

I've had some very new experiences this week and I've been placed very much outside of the comfort zone.

Broadcasting was never apart of the long term plan and I'm almost certain is still isn't. But uni has yet again made me do things. This week is radio prac week where each day I awake, hurriedly get some story ideas intact and pitch just like a newsroom.
Then I've got about 3 hours in where I must call people for my story, interview them, get grabs, write my script, record my voice, edit my package. Yep! The whole radio news shabang.

It's heart racing, stressful stuff. One of the biggest things I've learnt this week - people aren't the nicest. No time for the humble uni student, "oh yes we will call you back" - LIES!!! Well at least I know I'm extremely good at dealing with rejection.

Then there's those lovely people who know what it's like to be a student. I need this interview to get my degree! Hand me a little sympathy!

So my tutors haven't lied - I did learn and I did grow in confidence just in four days. And yes it's true - they are saying no cos you aren't ABC. This is the hardest it will ever get so they kept telling us. Now at the end of it I actually believe them.

I got to read the news on radio live and I got to talk to a whole bunch of people and reach a tight deadline. I did it and I think that deserves something.

Apart from that nothing much to report. When will I be back to normal? Time will tell but I have TV prac coming up soooo not before then.

Brief you on that too. Im sure that's gonna be another huge learning curve.


Friday, 21 September 2012


I count myself as a morning person (most of the time).

There is something so inviting about the early hours. The earlier you wake, the more you can fit in. The temperature is not yet too hot and the sun is that perfect warmth that touches your bones just so. Then there's that smell, the sound of birds tweeting, the dew delicately decorating the grass, the feeling you and the open sky is having a moment.

I'm waiting for 10 o'clock. Class begins just for an hour - the only reason why I'm not at home in my jammys, a cup of tea and some Jane Austen while gazing out at the beautiful overcast day.

So apart from this small chore, today I think I'm in a good mood. Despite this cough that is as persistent as a desperate man the friday is making me smile.

I'll head home at 11, cook me a comforting lunch, possibly rewatch me a movie or maybe watch a new one and then I shall wind down the afternoon baking a birthday cake for my grandma. O how perfect! See - I'm not fooling myself or hiding behind a mask - the small things in life really are my preferred drug.

Tonight I'm off to see a show - its called SOAP and I hope it's going to be as entertaining as the show I saw last week - la soirée! Now that was what I call a circus ;) look it up - its one damn fine sexy thang.

The last couple of entries have indeed been more journal based with very little food or fashion but I like a little change and life's pretty darn random anyway.

I should get up the final outcome of Le cake im a bakin' next week.


Sorry about those last two sentences - they read a little ol American - I might possibly be listening to some good old country while writing this....

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday Whim

I'm on a Thursday kinda writing day and I simply just had to share a little thought -

I have resisted for so long now and I decided to break it. If you know me at all I'm talking about my annual ban on shopping. Especially after I was informed I would no longer have a job come October my head went into sensible overdrive and my brain said no more shopping for you! And honestly, cross my heart I adhered to my promise.

But that would only last so long - just like a delicious meal or hours in a day. I would break and return to habits of old. So yes, the red signs appeared in the window, the pretty dresses had less 0s and my credit card was getting a little too lazy.

So yes, over the past two weeks I have hit the shops and I have added to my wardrobe. Damn Damn Damn! The first occasion I gave myself an excuse - you need to give yourself a birthday present don't you? Of course I do.

The second time I thought - yes, I absolutely need this white shirt for I have none. And yes, this shopping trip I entered the wonderful Cue and was greeted by smiling and efficient customer service - I simply had to reward her with a buy.

Ok, so yes maybe I didn't need another pretty dress, maybe I would not have died if I didn't buy that crisp white shirt, maybe another skirt was not an absolute must in my wardrobe but a girl's got to have some sort of hobby.

It is strange how we women think. We save, save save and then suddenly we got out one day and reward our self discipline. We say "yes, look at all the money I saved, I deserve a present." So we try on that dress, those shoes and despite the pricey tag we run through the reasoning - hey, look at all the money you have saved - so really you aren't going over your budget, you are simply making up for lost time.

Then we returned to the bank account a month later and we heave a heavy sigh.

For me it hits me real bad come tax time. I open my group certificate and my eyes head immediately to the bottom right corner - 'gross income' = Oh Dear Lord! I earned THAT much last financial year??? Where in the world did that all go!!!!! Did a fairy come in and steal it overnight? Did I accidently give thousands to a charity? This can't be right!

It is shamefully right. I handed over my well earned money to sales assistants, corporate masses, caffeine fixes, foreign exchange and travel agents. I didn't think "lucky me, I should save this for say an apartment, future life bills, or some sort of massive holiday"

I comfort myself in the notion that actually I'm really not bad - I do save, just maybe not as much as I could. Plus, most of that well earned money did disappear into the world of planes, trains and discovery and that I am most certainly not regretful of. No time of saving could ever take that away from me.

So, yes I most probably won't be able to take a month long trip across the globe this year and yes I might actually have to stop eating out and credit card swiping. But things only last so long.

As we all know - in time, this too shall pass.


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

It's Been Far Too Long


Left you in the dark cold night, didn't leave a note, didn't say where I was going and for that I give you my sincere apologies.

I have no rightful excuse, I have no dying confession to make, no life threatening disaster - I have simply been idle and much too preoccupied with my personal life - sorry!

So what has been happening since last I saw thee. Well the answer to that is a resoundingly boring one.

I've been tired and all together a bit of a slob. I'm sure we all get those moments (if you say no to this than I'm sure you are not being honest with yourself or you are not human). Too preoccupied with the inner workings of my brain with little energy to string words together. In truth, I have been a little lost and asking myself the most silliest of questions but alas I have returned.

Ok, so nothing of life changing weight has ravaged my little world so let us catch up on the small life of me:

Apart from sleeping, eating, sitting on buses, boring my way through uni, getting the boot from my comfortable job (if you aren't a Queenslander you won't get this - but low down is that public servants are getting the sack as our new government tries to fix our ginormous debt...long story and much too tiresome to repeat again). But apart from that I have turned yet another year older!

I think birthdays are really important things. Without them we wouldn't exist. I haven't exactly grown up in an environment which spoils you with birthday surprises. I was infinitely jealous of my school friends. Come their birthday they would tell tales of waking up to breakfast in bed, balloons outside their door, kids would open their lunch boxes to the sight of a slice of cake, confetti, their favourite treats or a surprise card from mum, complete with the tacky familiar song as they open it with happy hands.
Again, a generational and cultural gap stands between the healthy relationship of daughter and parent.
I do believe I just needed to rant on that for a bit as this state of mind tends to conquer my world come each birthday. Self loathing is indeed much too unhealthy.

Thank god for friends and siblings who understand birthdays are a time of joy. As the song goes - we could be heroes just for one day.

But enough enough I'm going to drop some honesty.

I still adore writing, I still am entirely in the dark about my future but I've come to realise as is the rest of the world (well. Most)

So be optimistic and place your faith in my hands for I will remain writing whether people say yes or no to me - maybe it is the one thing I like doing (that isn't a waste of time rewatching the best of my tv collection)

So yes, this semester I may be a little fleeting - like those hip pop up restaurants or spontaneous theatre productions, an unexpected sun beam through the window - I will be here as much as I can and as long as I have something worthy to tell thee.

I will post something more tasty within the week but surprises as to what day...


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

TT: The English Way

To keep calm and carry on? To talk about the weather constantly? To have a stiff upper lip?

Yes all the above but today I'm talking about the fine English tradition of my favourite afternoon activity - HIGH TEA!!!

These days you can get any generic high tea at any local cafe or hotel joint but sometimes nothing beats the quiet intimacy of your own backyard. With a little touch of individuality and always a lot of class.

I decided to christen our new outdoor extension with sweets and cucumber sandwiches amongst close friends - what a way to say hello.

It's always good to have options - so a serving of plenty is key. Coconut tea, lemongrass & ginger and of course the obligatory yet classically traditional English Breakfast tea. Then there's all the savoury deliciousness found in the beauty of tiny bite sized sandwiches, I also went a little fancy and rolled a few smoked salmon numbers. Baked fresh that morning - some lovely buttermilk scones, flourless brownies, mini vanilla cupcakes and coconut and apricot fingers.

Dress your table up - note to self - buy more pretty things!
And you have every right to keep calm and have one delightfully smashing high tea.

PS: Sorry about the lack of post on Sunday.... not going to lie but this might be happening a little bit as this uni semester is more cramped then a Japanese subway - so my palm are sweaty, my tension high and my spare time short.


Friday, 17 August 2012

FF: Goodbye London

Oh Great Britain - I still love you (always have, always will).

The Olympic closing ceremony was something the dear ol' Brits should be pretty proud of. The English should be pretty darn chuffed with the past two weeks, in fact maybe the closing ceremony makes up for that horrible opening number.

In essence - a mass concert filled with the best of the British. Granted I had to deal with seeing One Direction yet again, and yes maybe Jessie J hogged the light a little with two numbers but all in all I was rather impressed. I mean Eric Idle singing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life that is absolute gold - and unlike Hey Jude, a rather fitting song. Random man being fired from a canon, ballet dancers, The Who, Wonderwall - I say top notch job.

Two words - Spice. Girls! They sure spiced up my life.

And they delivered what I asked for - black London taxis! What would make that even better? light up taxis with the Spice Girls riding on top.

Kate Moss - how is it that I can hate and love you at the same time? A celebration of all the super models this land has given the world -

This is what I wanted! Showcase your great monuments and have Shakespeare quotes sprawled across the stage - thank you!

For more click here

Images are from nymag.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

TT: Cupcake

This is my little nod to the Ekka. The inspiration was those iconic Strawberry sundaes.

It's white chocolate cupcakes with a raspberry butter frosting! Thought I'd use my pretty new candy cane striped paper cups for they screamed happy days and childish whimsy - fond memories of mind blowing excitement as a child counting down the days till I was playing around at the Ekka, eating as much fairy floss as my stomach could handle and nagging the parents for more showbags (these are bags which you can purchase filled with all sorts of goodies - mainly lollies and novelty toys - it's a heaven for the young).

I'm back Friday with the last of my Olympic obsession.

PS: As part of a unit I'm studying in journalism I have to keep up a weekly blog - so yes double work for me but just in case the world of online journalism is a random curiosity of yours check it out here. (and there will be no missing or late posts for assessment is my underlying motivation)


Sunday, 12 August 2012

SS: Country Meets City

I have returned from another day at the wonderful EKKA - for all you non locals the Ekka is an annual show where country meets city - think school fate on steroids, or village carnival on crack. Long story short it's actual official title is called the The Royal Queensland Show.But as I never forget to tell you - we Aussies are extremely lazy and we can't help but shorten absolutely everything.

Sorry I get a little distracted with everything that is on offer - free tastings, ridiculously fatty foods - huge apologies in this department - you see, you can't go to the Ekka without eating a Dagwood Dog (google it) It's pretty much a deep fried sausage coated in this holy extremely sinful batter on a stick, doused in tomato sauce. Unfortunately I have no photo as my stomach and eyes said hell yeah way before the word photo every sprung to mind. It's a celebration of our wonderful outback, it's a bringing together of country folk and city folk. It's got it all and it is indeed an institution.

Here are a few happy snaps! Sorry that these images don't truly encapsulate the whole atmosphere of this gigantic event but believe me - it's definitely quite something.

This is it - THE strawberry sundae. Another thing that is unique to this show. I should also mention strawberries could be deemed the icon of the Ekka - there is no doubting the sweetness and ore inspiring quality of these delicious berries. I have always had this theory strawberry fields have two sections - one for general annual selling and the other reserved for Ekka. So let me explain - an ice cream cone, filled with vanilla ice cream, followed by freshly cut strawberries, topped with strawberry ice cream, topped with a little bit of whipped cream and that famous Ekka strawberry to finish the pretty picture.

Ok, so there are countless competitions ranging from dog breeding, knitting, best bird in show, cuts of hanging meat, photography and a dear favourite - cake decorating. It's epic stuff - it's legendary. People are amazing and skills are forever inspiring. These are two fine examples of cakes that are much much too pretty to eat.

Yes - that is a cake - all of it - a CAKE!

ANIMALS!!! These little cuties are a big part of my love of the country. Who wouldn't want a miniature horse.

This was taken in the feeding area - where for a $1 you walk amongst sheep and lambs of all sorts, I love getting close to them and this little baby stole my heart away.

See - I told you it was outback meets city. This is the wood chopping - got to be one of favourite parts. Yeah as in big burly men with axes hacking at wood. It is a feast of masculinity and rugged terrain. So yeah - the Ekka also has a lot of that typical Aussie idea - the man in jeans, shirt and akubra hat, possibly carrying a whip...

Signing out because I need to sleep off all that fatty food and Ekka excitement.


Saturday, 11 August 2012

FF: Fashion on the Big Screen

Sorry this is a day late I seriously had it all ready for yesterday - you can blame my preoccupation with the Olympics. Damn you Usain Bolt - why must you be so charismatic!

I love a good movie - actually I'm prone to spend my days off cuddled beneath the sheets watching movie after movie - repeat after repeat.

The fashion of the big screen has long been a fascination and I would jumps leaps and bounds to get a glimpse of a Hollywood movie set wardrobe.

I'm sure I'll miss some of my countless favourites but here are a few breathtakingly memorable frocks and looks that spontaneously spring to mind -

Typical me - Miss Audrey Hepburn is my Queen of timeless style. The minute she came on screen in this beauty, Sabrina was destined to become a classic -
She deserves a list of her own when it comes to iconic frocks

The Notebook - this is my kind of era. So many beautiful outfits from both leads. oh Allie and Noah, you really are heaven.
Why don't they make bikinis like this anymore?

Atonement = beautiful movie, beautiful actors, beautiful costume design. The gorgeous James McAvoy would not be human if he could resist Keira in that. This dress showed of Miss Knightley in every possible fashion and girls the world over wanted a replica. I for one had dreams of this. Give me a shade of green as perfect as this and I'd cower beneath anyone's feet.

Anne Hathaway really did steal my heart in The Devil Wears Prada - this is one dangerous credit card movie and I will never tire at ogling at this aesthetically beautiful film. Each outfit is absolutely wow factor - I mean can you imagine thigh high Chanel boots! Sorry, I couldn't just choose the one - it felt illegal and unforgiving.

Sticking with The Sound of Music, wasn't Liesl just stunningly innocent in this ethereal timeless frock. All those years ago my innocent wiles just wishing to be sixteen going on seventeen - again sadly being let down by reality and the deceitful promise of movie fantasy. Eager young lads and rogues and cads will offer you food and wine .... I think not. More like maccas and cheap booze

Singin in the Rain an all time favourite musical. Debbie Reynolds simply shines alongside the magical Gene Kelly. This romantic number always makes me sigh.
There are some seriously amazing frocks throughout the film and I'm itching for a rewatch.

Another Audrey film - My Fair Lady oozed feminine from every angle. Everyone always talks about THAT Ascot dress but I earn for simplicity.
This peachy number got me dreaming of clouds and sun kissed afternoons. I would love to walk on the street where you live in that.

Pretty Woman - I'm sure most of us secretly wanted to be a call girl after watching this (if only movies really did depict life accurately)... Don't we all just love this scene. She's perfectly adorable! and he's perfectly rich and wonderful.

Titanic - the great epic it was, the great dream, the romance of the tale, the tragedy of it all. Rose was every bit the perfect depiction. Yes there was the blingy dresses and the oversized hats but for me it had to be this dress.
Thanks to my special feature fetish I can tell you the costume designers spent countless days and nights perfecting this dress to make sure it looked stunning both dry and wet.

Sorry, I couldn't resist another Hepburn classic. Discovering the city of Rome on a Vespa wearing this is definitely a fantasy of mine. It is so simple and yet so covetable.

Ok, that's enough! I better stop before it get's messy and my fickle minds starts clicking the add to cart button.


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

TT: Experimental

... and here it is!

Each year I turn my kitchen into a wannabe masterchef bench. This year is slightly different - I truly was masterchefing the pants off it.

For the first time in my small culinary history I decided to go without a recipe. Yep - I decided to use my gut instinct and my somewhat learned brain to come up with my own little invention - it truly was an "invention test" and I think I may have just succeeded with minimal kinks in the armour.

Baked lime cheesecake, topped with lime sour cream, coconut milk ice cream, raspberry jelly, a sour cream and lime jelly and a pistachio praline.

So this is the result -

Too much gelatine in the sour cream, too little gelatine in the raspberry, probably a little too thick on the cheesecake base. Super chuffed about my simply yet delicious ice cream and finely crushed pistachio praline which added that lovely textural crunch to the dish - tre Masterchef indeed.

My creative juices were flowing as I decided to set my home-made jelly in the empty lime shells.


SS: More Foodie Scenes

Round 2 -

Here are some more shots from Regional Flavours - just like the food, the people were looking pretty damn delicious!

Loving these pants. Sometimes nothing beats comfort.

Run chef, run!

Absolutely digging this girl's comfortable yet stylish cardi and jean combo

Just had to take a photo of this carefree family -

There will always be those who throw away the rule book. No inhibitions, unconcerned about the opinions of the cruel world - they may be the bravest of us all.

Random shoes...

Stick around for today's TT....


FF: Olympic Style

Yes it might be not be Friday or Sunday but I am bombarding you with three posts today - better late then never right?
So here goes -

Well we can't talk Olympic style without mentioning THE gorgeous duchess. Absolutely loving her constant devotion to her job. I couldn't stop at one outfit for there are simply too many to aww and wow about - well done yet again Kate -

She's really been over wearing these wedges and blazer - but hey we all do it and it's just working and I love how appropriately casual and understated British the whole story it -

For the dressier occasion - she annoyingly shines yet again

Another royal - a favourite of mine... blue shirt = epic win! ;) Simply compare the two side by side - A perfect example of how a man wears his clothes rather than the clothes wearing him.

An older yet still classy duchess. She gets a lot of cop but I would like to put in a good word for her -

I absolutely love Stella McCartney's Team Great Britain's uniforms, they are super stylish and, modern and despite the controversy of the union jack being only blue- I say bollocks to that, this uniform is pukka! O and a massive congratulations to Andy Murray - you've done your country proud.

Love the touch of the union jack sweatbands

Patriotic tendencies are in full swing and so they should be - now that's what I call some serious star spangled bling -

Another American star - Michelle Obama continues to be the ever dazzling first lady -

You know what we don't get enough of - glittery synchronized swimmers. Now that's some industrial strength waterproof makeup. Russia paid homage to the late and great MJ - I'm looking at the women in the mirror...