Sunday, 4 December 2011


Sorry... photo issues again! But as I said - I'm determined to keep this promise so enjoy my thoughts of the day:

Love has no race, class, gender or age. There should be no boundaries, no limits and no prejudice. Sadly, I do believe there actually might be.

We all conjure up ideas of our perfect man so we believe we know what we are looking for. But is the saying love is blind true? If it is then really we shouldn’t be making lists, forming types instead we should be living a blank canvas for he will come in whatever package possible. He may in fact be the least likely person you ever saw yourself with. So we subconsciously ignore what we think is not our type.

But I am no romantic, I may have been a very long time ago but this girl will always have two feet securely tightened to the very real cement of the Earth. This notion of “the one” well I highly doubt it’s existence – or more accurately I do not see it possible in the slightest.

I know, shudder all you want I don’t think I’m ever going to believe in the game of love. Well at least not in the traditional, romantic sense. It seems a rather strange predicament considering my love of period dramas. But if you look at the social norms of previous centuries I think there was no “the one” even more so. People married because that was all they knew – people married whoever suited them, people married for security not love, people (men especially) married just to get some action – life was pretty idle back then. Marriage was simply the thing to do.

Hollywood and popular culture has brain washed us women. We have been lulled into this pathetic notion of Mr Perfect. We have been left completely desperate with expectations that reach the heavens. We cannot get it all – and wouldn’t that be a tired place indeed if we did.

I understand the adulterers and the cheaters - I know it is a dangerous thought but here me out. How can you say that of the 7 billion people inhabiting this planet each individual can be paired with another for the rest of their lives knowing it is them, and only them that are truly meant to be together – it is utterly absurd.

I’m not saying married couples have it wrong I’m just expressing my own thoughts, I’m just asking the question we all ask ourselves at some stage – Do we ever know?

Wouldn't this world be a simpler more peaceful place if we simply just lived?

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