Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Wardrobe Favourites Part 1

YAY! It's finally here. Welcome to Chapter one of Alicia's very own wardrobe favourties. After all what's a large wardrobe worth without anyone to share it with.

Today I shall delight you with my current favourite jewellery pieces (in no particular order)

We all know my love for Mimco so of course first up is my lovely Mimco cuff. Perfect for a night out, divine with a elegant black dress, just right for a little wrist candy! Modern angles and yet girlishly cute.

We all love sentiment and this is no exception. A gorgeous Tiffany's heart necklace. But this is no ordinary necklace - engraved with those words only a handful of girls truly understand. Thank you - you know me all too well.

A watch is a necessity - a number of watches - is... a necessity! This one holds memories yet again - purchased in the mother land of watches (Switzerland for those who are a tad slow) with a dear dear friend we walked out with Swatch watches that we would forever cherish. I love this watch because it's so different and what prim perfect girl doesn't like a little pearl? Even if it is faux.

Another cuff. I bought this on a whim but I love it! It's unique and the colour is simply divine! Makes any outfit pop with a dash of colour!

And shall we end with our dear friend Mimco. I bought this on a lovely sale and although I haven't had the opportunity to wear it often it has received many a compliment and it is the perfect costume jewellery item. Thanks (again) Mimco!

Tune in on Thursday where I will be spreading a little Christmas cheer!

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