Friday, 2 December 2011

Mmmm... Cupcake

Slight photo mishap so unfortunately won't be showing you wardrobe favourites till Sunday - so it's time to think taste buds.

Remember how I once said I more then love my food but I've never really written much of it. So today I thought I would delight you with some delicious foodie thoughts.

Food has such an emotional pull to it - it can transport you back to days of old - when you screamed for more ice cream and you begged grandma to bake yet another cake with you and when the smell of sweetness filled your life. An old recipe returns in your later life but when the spoon hits your mouth you feel 10 again, your senses tingle with delight and your mind begins a vivid nostalgic journey just from one taste. Any degree of sullen adult when faced with the prospect of an old family classic has the ability to turn into a deliciously mischievous child full of cheer and giggle. That's why I love food. It isn't fuel for the body - it is happiness, it is healing, it is giving and it is (in my world at least) a sign of affection. Cooking for someone is one of the greatness gestures of love. It represents the need, the desire to provide for another, to please them, to comfort them and to warm them.

Baking gives me so much pleasure. I cannot stress how much it has the ability to immediately de-stress me. It transports me to my happy place. Me, my kitchen, my mixing bowl and my oven is all I need when I just want to relax.

The below are yummy red velvet cakes made famous by such bakeries as London's Hummingbird and New York's Magnolia.

I love the rich colour of the cake and the perfect union of cream cheese frosting - absolutely divine. And when the time is right to decorate your little babies, heaven just gets even better. I'm on a natural high and nothing can vex me while I'm with my little cakes I nurtured with precision, love and care.

Food - it is one of my many many passions and one I need to learn so much more about, one I will continue to love throughout my journey and one I will never tire of.

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