Monday, 28 November 2011

A Little Taste of Luxury

I know I'm not a personal style blog but today it seemed fitting to share with you my recent purchases of the festive season. I know, Christmas is all about giving (don't worry; a chrissy blog will be imminent) but sometimes a girl just needs to treat herself to a little glitter.

Thanks to some pretty awesome connections I am now the proud owner of two new pairs of sublimely beautiful sunglasses at a steel of a dollar sign!

I cannot go past the beauty and design of sunnies - and they are obviously a necessity in this harsh and scorching Australian sun. So why resist. Pretty sure that would be detrimental to the safety and well being of my eyes. And, let us not forget my Asian gene forbids me to say no to a bargain.

There is something mysteriously alluring about Ray Bans - the label, the brand, the history and the icon. So I succumbed to the magic that is the Ray Ban clubmasters. I know, they are nothing new, but they are timeless and the ultimate label in style - a must for any fashionista - that can pull them off ;) And now, little me has a pair; and boy is she happy.

How can you ever say no to the world of Prada? Obviously my rhetorical question answers the next - yes, my disgusting materialistic devil came out to play and off I went with yet another overpriced item to add to my plethora of overpriced items. Here she is in all her glory - the fine Italian craftsmanship, those five capital letters engraved with such care along the arms and that feeling of opulence as you look upon a mirror. Let your eyes be delighted -

I have just been to a journalism conference and I learnt how vital it is to be a regular blogger. So, I am going to do my utmost best - strap yourselves in because little Papilio will (for the next 3 weeks) be posting a new entry every 2 days. I know, I'm placing a lot of pressure on myself but I am determined to keep this vow - after all it is the festive season!

Again, I do warn you it will be a mix of fashion commentary, street style, eclectic thoughts and absolute nonsense.
Sorry about the lack of Street style photos - finding the time to romp around the place has been a little difficult but this WILL happen, even if it means endlessly prostituting my small amount of free time to my camera.

I'll be in two!

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