Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Beacon of Light

I didn’t realise it until I saw it. I didn’t know the feeling of pure excitement until my eyes gazed at its’ shiny new walls. I didn’t know how beautiful it really was.

I wasn’t really that excited – a new store, another place where my dreams can muster in a pool of jealousy, price tags with way too many 0s, luxury material I can only dream of, service with a capital S. But, I found myself caught up when I saw the word, when the bright florescent lights shone metres in front of me. As I walked passed I allowed my fingers to glide across the six letter word surrounding the walls of this new haven, I couldn’t believe the emotions it stirred.

The Chanel store in Brisbane is open! How strange it felt when I saw the place for the first time – it isn’t even one of my favourite luxury brands (due to my slight negativity towards the French). And yet, there I was imaging a time I could walk into that store, breathe in the smell of money and walk out with an iconic bag worth more than my entire life savings.

I realised in that moment – shops, shopping and spending is somehow my ultimate love. It never fails to cheer me up. My heart starts pumping and my feet start walking with pure elation, my eyes are spoilt for choice as they covet dresses out of my means and my wallet begins to fatigue with excess use – it is where I belong. Give me a shopping mall any day I will be more then content. Who says material goods can’t buy you happiness – I’m pretty sure it paints a smile across my face. I’m pretty sure any negative emotions are relinquished when I wear a new dress, I’m pretty sure happiness is in the air when I gaze lovingly into my wardrobe and I’m pretty damn sure materialism is somehow my calling in life. Not the most worthy of callings but it somehow feels right. I don’t think I’m ever going to grow out of shopping in any form – window, excess, online, auction, gift, pleasure, therapy and companion. Yes, there is companion shopping – aka shopping with a friend. That way you don’t feel as guilty, for another is spending cash – this can of course result in high sums of payment and withdrawal but it’s worth all that fun.

I know, I often find myself hating how very materialistic I can be, I find it repulsive, selfish and utterly wasteful at times but I return to it each and every time like a girl who cannot get enough of a broken heart. And every time I do I love it, I relish and bathe wantonly in it, I am guilty of sin and I love it. I thrive on shops, I get energy and inspiration from clothes and I am uplifted by wonderful customer service.

Shops, boutiques, all kinds of glittering malls – they are my calling card, my mecca, my paradise, my heaven, my love, my friend and my foe. They are my happy place, my teddy bear, my soft linen sheets, my edelweiss. They are a warm hug, a caring glance, a meaningful conversation and a wickedly intense embrace.

I might be going to hell but at least I’ll be going in my ostentatious Sunday best.

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  1. Great photos!