Thursday, 13 October 2011

Fabulous Queen St

The view from up here! I'm loving the floral dress contrasting with a more sharp and sturdy leather boot - I think it creates a bit of excitement to your ordinary simple feminine look.

Just look at the colour on this skirt! We all know how much colour screams SUMMER!

Wedges are so in! PLUS colour of the season - you get 2 big fat ticks!

Oh Mr Vuitton! How you can make a girl smile.

Electric blue plants and wedges - someone has been reading her fashion files.

I love the pattern on this dress - it reminds me of the great late Mr Alexander McQueen.

What do I always say about the business man? Not enough sartorial suitcases - well thank you mister - this little leather accessory is just what the doctor (or fashionista) ordered!

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