Thursday, 13 October 2011

Fabulous Queen St

The view from up here! I'm loving the floral dress contrasting with a more sharp and sturdy leather boot - I think it creates a bit of excitement to your ordinary simple feminine look.

Just look at the colour on this skirt! We all know how much colour screams SUMMER!

Wedges are so in! PLUS colour of the season - you get 2 big fat ticks!

Oh Mr Vuitton! How you can make a girl smile.

Electric blue plants and wedges - someone has been reading her fashion files.

I love the pattern on this dress - it reminds me of the great late Mr Alexander McQueen.

What do I always say about the business man? Not enough sartorial suitcases - well thank you mister - this little leather accessory is just what the doctor (or fashionista) ordered!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Discovering Brisbane

O Joy of Joys! The day has finally come and I have kept my promise - my first street style post. ENJOY!

First let us set the scene. This is my Brisbane - this is my small but big city; this is the humble place I call home.

My wonderful new Mimco sandals with my rather MC Hammer style summer harem pants

This is the coolest head of hair I have seen in a while

I absolutely loved this little girl. You just know she dressed herself in that cute little white ensemble - ever the little princess as she enjoyed a day out with her daddy and consumed her heavenly ice cream.

There is something rather odd I like about this look - it's slightly derelict yet oddly stylish

I just love the colour of her hair! She really owns that teen youthful look.

I am more of a colour person but I do like this little black number. I love how the material just flows behind her; it just screams summer cool.

Here is my kind of style! Mature men seem to get it right more often - just because the times have changed doesn't mean your wardrobe has to. When he first walked to work he wore a suit and a hat and he will always wear a suit and a hat.

Pulling off the no socks and cropped jeans look with gusto

Rather loving these tanned shoes

I couldn't resist taking this shot. A happy little family preparing to cross the road together - adorable.

I should be hitting the streets almost every Thursday from now on and with any sort of consistency I should get a post up every Sunday.