Tuesday, 20 September 2011

O no – The Sun has come out to play…

Don’t get me wrong I sometimes relish the sun – I sometimes love the warmth it gives at is hits your skin, I sometimes love the light that shines through my blinds in the morning, I sometimes relish the bright blue skies and smiles of the golden rays. But Australia – we need to re think our summer wardrobes…

I despise summer fashion for the most part – to rephrase it more accurately – I wholeheartedly detest the majority of young Aussie girls fashion – I almost feel sick by the end of the day from the sight of it all. I feel as though there is no hope for little old Brisbane.

Kirstie Clements (editor of Australian Vogue) tweeted how much she loved the Italian warm weather – the girls looking so chic in their summer dresses and sandals – she calls for a ban on the Australian skank look – Kirstie, I cannot agree with you more!
Let me enlighten you all on the horrible wonders of Aussie girls (this is of course referring to a fair majority – there are always exceptions):

Instead of classic, easy breezy summer dresses they opt for the shortest of shorts where the insides of pockets stick out and places that shouldn’t see the light of day are blindingly saying hello. Singlets in all the colours of the rainbow are worn and I’m not talking about quality silk, cotton or linen singlets – I’m referring to those singlets meant for cleaning, painting and lazing on the couch – the ones that hug to fat rolls and pinch at the armpits. Then, the worse thing in the history of fashion’s taboo book is splattered across the board – exposed bra straps! They twist around spaghetti singlet straps and show their age completing the bogan skank look. Instead of classy sandals girls tend towards the rubber thongs (or what other nationalities call flip flops) and sometimes I stare and wonder how their thongs are even staying together as the rubber is no more than paper thick as it begins to flake away, hair isn’t even attended to (apparently people seem to take the bed head look a little too literally) and horrible fake tans begin to emerge and the days I see girls walking around with ungodly bright coloured bras – nothing left to the imagination; those are the days I want to die.

What is wrong with a beautiful summer dress? Personally, I think they are actually more cooling than tight little bits of material. Anyway, I’m with Kirstie – we need to put this cheap skank look behind us, we need to find class again. Think about Barney Stinson – biggest fictional womaniser – yet he never yearns for cheap singlets and dirty bra straps, no! No matter how sick his mind is what is his favourite female attire? SUMMER DRESSES! “Gone are the cute little skirts. Gone are the sundresses, the SUNDRESSES Ted!” “What piece of women’s attire, most stokes a man’s desire?” Answer: “The sundress.” So ladies think twice before you don your next over worn singlet, think before you squeeze into your overly too tight bits of things that hardly pass for shorts. Invest in some strapless beige bras. Hide those bits we aren’t here to see, flatter your shape with garments that delight the eyes rather then blind them.

It only just occurred to me that I set myself a bit of a challenge. My camera will take its first outing next week and I’m not sure it is going to get much exercise. As I walked the city streets today I struggled to find style, I saw a mere 2 people – oh dear! And here I was determined to show the world Brisbane isn’t a nothing city, it isn’t some derelict place but now I’m not sure I’ll be able to achieve that. But it is a challenge I am willing to accept – surely the exceptions are out there somewhere. Well, I know they are out there – but let us work on making the exceptions the rule.

Sorry for the lack of images…

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