Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Little Cooks

I haven’t mentioned my love of TV shows in a while so I thought it would be refreshing.

There are so many Junior Masterchef haters and I can’t help but think these haters are people of little hope and negative thoughts. These are the people I don’t ever want to end up like – the people that think kids are just kids – little people that need to learn – that aren’t capable of big things. These are the people who have lost their shine and who doubt talent and passion, who doubt anything of magic and wonder.

These haters don’t understand the point in such a show – yes these children might get help, yes they might get more time then we think, more assistance we don’t see but that isn’t what matters. For me, this show provides and fills me with endless hope. Hope that there is a generation of children with a passion. It might be fleeting but that doesn’t matter. They are there with their parents cheering on the sidelines and they are putting their heart and soul into something they love. Haters don’t care. They don’t even believe these children even enjoy cooking, some even say it is a pure waste of time for these children – focus on school – what does cooking even matter? Well for these bright young things it means everything.

These haters cannot see the beauty and kindness of the show – they only see producer manipulation and fake smiles, they only see product placement and camera trickery. Look beyond all the lights and forget about the evils of media and set up reality - deep down it is meant for smiles and innocence.

One thing that really gets the tears rolling is the love. As a child gets that coveted apron and they are into the top 20 the looks on their parents’ faces couldn’t be more proud. I am left feeling jealous, I am left feeling so ridiculously happy for these children for I know they have parents who absolutely care. Top 20 and their parents are as proud as punch. You know that when they get eliminated it won’t matter because they have tried their hardest and that is more than enough for mum and dad.
I think it should be shown to new parents – this is how you are meant to treat your child – with love and support in whatever they choose to pursue – it is not mum and dad’s lives; it is their own. Find their passion and nurture it, don’t suppress natural talent no matter what it is.

Maybe I have some unresolved bitterness, maybe I have some masochistic tendencies from my upbringing but this show somehow helps all that anger and all those scars, it somehow makes me smile for I know what they have is something worth having. I know that when they grow older they will remember those times, they will smile at the experience they had and they will thank their parents for letting them pursue a dream (even if that is no longer on their cards).

Children are absolutely gorgeous because they have not been tainted by the cruelties of this world. They timidly take their plates up to the judges and they smile at one another – there is no spite or negativity – they support each other, congratulate one another and are amazed and happy for each other. Adults can learn so much from children – see the beauty in the smallest things, laugh as much as you can, smile at one another and live life with passion.

This show is full of everything beautiful in this world. Not only does it give me hope for these gorgeous kids but it subsequently gives me hope for the future of Australian cuisine. Masterchef has transformed Aussie palates – we have matured and we are beginning to understand the wonder of good food. We are learning to respect what is on our plates and we are learning to open our minds to everything. Junior Masterchef gives me hope that future generations will be even more learned, will be even more passionate and will relish all the delights food can provide.

Watch it as it is meant to be watched - with nothing but positivity and exhilaration, with childish ore and absolute whimsy.

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