Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Big 2-1

Well I’m 21 now. Do I feel any different? Not really. Do I feel as though I am now a fully fledged adult, ready to make my own way in this big bad world? No, I don’t think I really am. It is simply another year older; not exactly sure it means another year wiser.

The problem with us Generation Y’ers is our ability to be consistently indecisive – to want to try it all. We have had it good all our lives – never knowing poverty, hardship and the need to simply live for enough money to support your family and to only be concerned with the clothes on our backs and the roof over our heads. We want it all. We cannot settle for a secure job that provides nothing but income, - no satisfaction, no motivation just a necessity of living; we want the dream job – we want to live to work not mundanely work to live. We are passionate creatures and we want to make the most of our lives – we want to live each day as if it is our last.

We are confident yet undecided, we are determined and yet lazy, we are forward thinking and yet like our comfort zones, we are all about globalisation, being green and looking at the bigger picture and yet we can often be extremely self absorbed.
So we are a box of contradictions but I think we are a generation that ultimately means well. Just like every Generation there are the odd hiccups – the people who buck the trend whether it be in a good or bad way. So why does Gen Y get all the bad publicity? We are constantly labelled the baddies of society: those young miscreants, those teenage drop outs, those adolescent misfits who have no manners - we are constantly put down in the media, we are looked down upon by the elderly and we are at the top of the “concerned” list for baby boomers.

I really believe Generation Y are creatures of discovery – I believe it is because we can be. The bright young things of Generation Y; ask the question Why. Maybe our constant need to do better and bigger is being misrepresented as misbehaviour and social taboo. Maybe our desire to fulfil our dreams is being mistaken for idle and irresponsible thinking. I think society needs to take a chance on us – to see that we will inevitably be the future work force and we will be who we are – naturally!

So I’m an adult in the eyes of the world but I’m not sure I see myself so. I don’t think I really want to grow up – everyone I have admired in my life never has – they have all told me live each day like a child, see the beauty in the smallest things, laugh all the time and never loose your shine. View the world through a child’s innocent and untainted eyes – with magic and wonder.

On a lighter note here are a few photos of my birthday bash (yay, finally I have kept my promise – some of these photos are taken with my camera).

After two very stressful months I made it! I’m not one for big birthday parties when it comes to my own but you are only 21 once – so as a typical Gen Y I try to seize the day, live to the full and revel in all the delights life can give. Socially – I took a leap and went for the big 2-1.

I do often verge on the slightly extravagant and I hope these photos do the night justice! In case it isn’t clear (which God forbid) my theme was Mad Men – that wonderful cult TV series which never fails to delight. The place was decorated with 1960s print ads and all things vintage!

Guests sipped on 1960s cocktails, nibbled on finger food and fondue reminiscent of 1960s dinner parties and twisted the night away. A makeshift photo studio was erected where guests could dress up and pose like it was 1965! They were treated with candy filled martini gifts and filled out the guest book old school typewriter style!

Without the help of ALL my family members this would definitely have been in shambles – well at least I now know I could never be an events manager (cross that one of the list of possible career paths – obviously I have a list: I’m Generation Y)

I’m approaching a uni break soon so I should definitely be able to get some Brisbane street style photos up shortly and should absolutely be changing in the very near future!

…If not feel free to cyber slap me.

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