Monday, 16 May 2011

Winter is on our doorsteps!

Italian made tights, cashmere jumpers, beautifully cut jeans, diverse coats, woollen vests and leather boots. How these items just sing to me as I anticipate their arrival for another year. I know I go on about Brisbane being flooded with bogans and I’m not going to contradict myself but I am going to give winter a good name.

The season of winter provides Brisbane with what I like to call – mistaken style. Warm clothing means you are less likely to see thongs, singlets and clothing a little too short for the general public. It is much more difficult for winter fashion to become a horrible car crash. People can put on jeans, a long sleeve top and simple jumper, jacket or coat, a colour block scarf and closed in shoes and I would not shake my head in disapproval. It might be plain, but it will not be unflattering or inappropriate. It might not be colour coordinated or even fitted well, but an oversized jumper looks better than a too much cleavage for your age top and mixing enemy colours… well there are sins much worse. So, in winter, someone with very little personal style or fashion sense can easily look presentable (without even trying).

Winter fashion for me is pivotal to my happiness because I simply prefer it! Layers of beautiful materials draped luxuriously on top of one another, jumpers woven with the best of hands, light coats with gorgeous button detailing and stiff collars and boots so leather soft you could be content with staring at them for hours. One of my favourite things about winter – the tights! I think I have a slight addiction to them, the promise of Italian wool, cotton or thick rich nylon against my legs – complete and utter bliss. The best advantage about these magical garments: they flatter your legs like no salad can. The fashion industry understands their demand so we consumers are spoilt for fashion tights from the plain yet elegant blacks, navies and greys to the intricate weaves and patterns, the unusual two tones and the excitingly vibrant colours.

Echoing back to a previous post, Brisbane winter means more suit jackets! O joy of joys thank you lord! They might not be the best of suit jackets but at least they are around in higher numbers. As I said, they still flatter and appearance is key in this shallow and prejudice world.

Not only does winter advance Brisbane style, for me it means clean crisp air which befriends my skin – no more clogged pores or breakouts for me. Brisbane winter is actually (almost) just right, the nights are cold enough to snuggle under your warm doona, the mornings have a chilly bite, but nothing too hard to handle and the days are perfect for a nice warm jacket, maybe a scarf but nothing too heavy duty.

Winter and I go together like chocolate and orange, like bread and butter, like Romeo and Juliet (without the dying). So thank you winter, I cannot wait to see you very soon, autumn – you aren’t too bad yourself BUT winter – you are my definite favourite.

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