Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Influence of One Woman

For those who thought Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge was going to shun the high street and take to couture fashion houses once she got the title - well you were wrong; I was wrong.

What commoner turned princess would not just for a second come to the beautiful realisation that she can and is very much allowed to walk into Chanel, Miu Miu, Burberry and come out with whatever she fancies?
She can call up Karl Lagerfeld, Matthew Williamson and Sarah Burton whenever she wants and one off pieces are never off limits.
If I was her, a shopping spree with the dollar signs to match would be my first priority (hmmm, I don't think I would make a very likeable princess...)

Kate really is trying to play the common princess. We cannot help but make comparisons with the late Princess Diana as she gracefully took on the role of "the people's princess". It is not surprising considering her background, the fact that she is married to William who has always been described as down to earth – Kate almost seems destined to emulate Diana.

Kate has always looked good. Her dress sense is suitable and her outfits are always neat and presentable. But it is this which concerns me. She is a princess for crying out loud – not just some generally stylish woman. I know she is trying to appeal to her public, she is trying to portray this picture of the common woman and she is sticking to her roots but come on! She knows that what she wears will dictate the taste of the nation and because of her simple style; soon we are going to end up with a very very generic society (one that already lacks excitement and individuality).

Her recent visit to meet President Obama and first lady; fashion icon Michelle (who I might write about later) saw her wearing a simple beige Reiss bandage dress and black heels and a less than exciting black clutch. Reiss, as you guessed is a British high street chain store and yes, the dress was so Kate - flattering cut, one block boring colour and her brunette hair freely flowing – so very typical. Despite the simplicity of this dress Reiss is being inundated with countless calls, the dress is sold out and their website is currently down due to the endless numbers of budding Kate’s clicking away. A similar event happened a second after the engagement announcement as fashion label Issa shot to stardom for a simple blue jersey wrap dress.

Yes, it may be her duty to look the humble, proper and approachable girl but would it really hurt to mix things up! Her wedding dress was perfect she showed the world she can play the part in that gorgeous traditional gown and yet there it was hidden ever so slightly – the detailed structured gathering on the bodice was a sign she was that little bit modern, that tiny bit daring. Since then, I have seen little to impress.

Kate has not yet changed and I think she never will. Snaps to her but honestly I don’t think it would hurt to mix high and low fashion, to be a little more daring and to wow your subjects with a little bit of pattern and colour? They will not turn on you if you are spotted wearing Laboutins or you are seen browsing in Hermes. Just look at Diana, she favoured Christian Lacroix, Versace and Ungaro. Plus a word to the trend setter – Kate honey, don’t you want to look individual? Do you really want to see millions of copies of yours truly? Embrace your Duchess title – show us you are more than a common girl, we should be dreaming of your stunning outfits, not simply smiling at them with a mediocre approval. And I think you can achieve this through exciting the crowds, don’t always play it soooo safe! Your style is nice, but nothing outstanding, I know understated minimalism is all the rage but why be in vogue when you can make the world gasp! Do you want to be remembered as a sweet girl, or a riot of a girl? Who really will remember a beige dress mass manufactured? A duchess should be allowed to feel special!

And a word to the followers – firstly, in some little way we are all followers but to those who race to get that exact dress to get her hair, her shoes think again!
Why would you want to look like someone else, who will soon look like everyone else? Why not embrace you, embrace your own style and if you think you have no style then look to someone less high profile or better yet don’t worry! Being you is better than being someone else. If you copy another, then you are living a lie, you are playing a part. Isn’t it much more rewarding to simply play you?

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