Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Royal Occassion... Or Royal Desperation?

Only one more sleep until the biggest, most important day of a very lucky girl's life and possibly the most exciting event of the year (in the eyes of some). But does it truly warrant all this pomp and ceremony? Do we really need to know every detail right down to the tea (haha get it!) Many would rather watch paint dry than sit through an English Royal wedding. So, why do we care?

Many argue that the British Royal family is one gigantic joke, I'm hear to support them, show you they are more than just a symbol. For those of you who choose to believe we no longer should give into the royal family and all their grandeur I'm sure you see this event as one last desperate effort to prove to the world the royal family are still relevant. You see them with their regal airs, outdated manners and ridiculous ostentatious cavalry. They may hold onto past values and manners but this is what I believe matters.

Just like we may all hold our own family traditions at heart, British royalty do the same. Their traditions are just more extravagant and ancient. Class divide will always be around, so try to imagine a world outside your own. What would England be without them? Those who shun the royals believe England is better off without them but can't they see this is one of the very few things keeping them relevant? The world loves a rich and wacky family and without them they would be a country falling from Great heights. They did really, no longer Great Britain, no longer the alpha country. So they must hold on to what was the making of them. Nothing is wrong with keeping traditions or holding onto values which made them who they are today.

The modern couple is constantly talked of; the royal's hope to regain popularity, bringing themselves into the 21st Century 100 years too late. For me, I'm not all that fussed. Let Prince William and humble Catherine do as they choose, whatever is ahead is their choice, their doing but what I love is the show - we all know I can be rather superficial! But tomorrow brings a day of what should be pure happiness.

We all love to feel apart of something, so why is this any different? This may be the only royal wedding I ever get to watch. Just like Diana and Charles the majority of the world will gather round their tv screens in amazement with a hint of jealousy, a little laughter and possibly even a couple of tears.

Why can't we have a little royalty in our lives, why can't we have one day of fantasy and fairytale? Let those of us dream of our prince charming, let those of us just for a few hours relish in the delights of a world completely detached from our common lives. This is why we watch, this is why we care.

So try to see it in the eyes of a little girl with dreams of crowns, gowns and titles. This is a real-life happy ending - whether my skeptical side sees it as a bit of a lucky privileged woman successfully reeling in a very well known prince or my idealist side seeing it as a true love story it doesn't really matter. A wedding should always be a day of celebration no matter who the bride and groom are. Two souls finding one another - tell me not that this is farce, desperation, pomposity... this is felicity, this is story telling at it's greatest.

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