Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Fashion Conscious

Fashion: a brand, a label, a way of living, of being perceived, an expression, a feeling, a group, a cult.

No matter what someone might say, everyone follows fashion. As Meryl Streep's character Miranda Priestly in Devil Wears Prada fittingly said to the naive Andy Sachs: "it's sort of comical how you think that you've made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry, when, in fact, you're wearing a sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room. From a pile of stuff". We all in some shape or form follow the fashion trends, even when we don't know it. Sometimes I wonder whether there really is some high and mighty secret society of fashion heads laughing evilly in some dark lair as they plot out next seasons outfits. Laughing at the world in all its' outrageous colours, shapes and styles. When all they want is money, this "fashion" is merely an iron curtain. However, the majority of me likes to think this billion dollar industry actually do care; they love their craft. With full confidence I can admit that I am a part of this fashion conscious tribe; this way of living. I proudly study trends, try new looks and don new colours and prints not because I want to follow a crowd but because I care for the industry and more importantly I care about how I look, how the world perceives me. The first time you walk into a room, the first time you meet someone, your first day on the job... People will look you up and down and judge you. People may not admit it, but it is simply human, a subconscious instinct. So why not admit you; just as much as everybody else is influenced by the fashion industry.

You might not be at a conscious level, you might not be a member of the Anna Wintour disciples or you may not associate with couture labels. Even if you buy your clothes from Target, K-Mart or Pick n Pay you contribute to and (no matter how small) benefit from the creative minds of the glamorous fashion industry.

So next time you wake up and don your so called "I don't care" outfit take a moment to think. Does your shirt, dress, jeans or shoes have any resemblance to some high end piece you may have seen in a magazine? (Although, you probably would never open the glossy pages). Are the colours you wear splashed across shop windows? Is your bag made of material you might of seen on someone else? We may not all be up to date with the fashion world, but we are all a part of it. We might not exactly follow the "trends" but we are all exposed to it. High end fashion filters right down to the shelves of disposable fashion, of cheap labour and mass produced copies. You can't escape this world, so why fight it!

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