Friday, 4 February 2011

Roman Ruins

Roma! Once you arrive in such a gorgeous place you feel as if you haven't lived before. Walking through the colosseum was amazing, I felt a little sad there isn't more of it still standing. A walk through the roman forum was simply majestic as your eyes wander and imagine what it once was, so much grandeur and opulence.

Just nearby a building so ostentatious stands tall and mighty. The Romans have nicknamed it the wedding cake. Mussolini dedicated it to one king; too much maybe? Or maybe he was really that great...

As you wander the streets ancient buildings stand on every corner. I guess the one downfall about these beautiful cities is the tourists, everything is such a cash grab. If only you could have the place all to yourself or if only it was exactly like how it is in the movies. Gregory Peck riding you around on a Vespa as you stop for gelato on the Spanish steps and dance under the roman skies, place your hand inside the mouth of truth with no one around.

The Trevi fountain equally something to sit around in awe. I toss a coin in hoping for the best in life and love. The pantheon is an impressive sight as you admire and are left feeling gobsmacked wondering how they made such an epic structure so long ago.

Similarly the Vatican stands alone in all it's power. As I walk through the basilica I gaze at the grand paintings and the intricate ceilings feeling a little detached. The Catholics walk the floors with so much enchantment and worship, I can only imagine how they must be feeling.

Equally as wonderful are the people, friendly and absolutely Italian what with all their hand gestures and passionate speech. It is true what they say, Italian men really do have some serious confidence!

My last day here and I am left with the impression that maybe the Romans were more advanced then we are today. After seeing this city you understand the saying so much more; Rome really wasn't built in a day.

Ciao for now!

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