Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I have left beautiful Napoli behind and miss it tremendously. What makes travel so special is very much the people you get to meet. I stayed at this hostel run by the most wonderful Italian man you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. His name is Giovanni and he is the most generous, wise, fun and giving person i have come across on my travels.

On arrival he insisted on cooking us lunch, making sure we would be able to see as much of Naples as possible, ensuring we would be safe and smiling at all times.

He cooked everyone dinner as we sat around singing along to his animated Italian as he effortlessly strummed his guitar and blew his harmonica, he knew all our names and would go to limitless lengths to help wherever and whenever he could.

He took me on a gorgeous motorbike ride through the city under the bright night lights looking over all of Naples. The freedom you feel when you are on a bike is infinitely enchanting. He taught me life lessons and made me feel happy about myself. He has seriously changed me for the better.

How I wish I knew there was so much to see in Naples! We visited Herculaneum a city also destroyed by mount Vesuvius and so well preserved, trekked up to see the impressive crater of said volcano and walked the ruins of Pompeii. A day full of peace and awe as you stroll down old roman streets and imagine how life once was.

We dined at an amazing pizzeria and sampled gelati flavours of all sorts; having moments of complete satisfaction and love of Italian food. Giovanni also taught us a very important lesson: the only correct way to eat mozzarella is warm and by itself, only then can you truly taste the beauty of mozzarella. "when you eat like this, it is a total different planet".

So here I am in friendly Munich feeling all the more enriched for the people I have met, the conversations and experiences I have had. Here is to Giovanni and more wonderful times in Munich!

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