Friday, 11 February 2011

Magical Munich

Germany: how very friendly and clean this country is. One of the best things about it are the people. For the majority their English is perfect. A free walking tour took us to the most important sights of the city. I was left feeling a great appreciation for Germans.

For all the unspeakable horror and devastation these streets have seen I am simply grateful all the beauty remains. Buildings reconstructed, some to the very minute details of the past.

Although I wish such a history never happened you wonder how such cities would have progressed differently today. Would they be as dynamic? From destruction can come beauty. Whether we choose to make something of our past, improve our features or not is up to the individual. For Germany they chose to move on, progress and the result is something they and the world should be most proud of. Thank you for giving me yet once again another gorgeous European city.

Only one more day in magical Europe. How I will miss all it's beauty and charm.

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