Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Daily Grind

I have officially caught the travel bug. Being back home for a good week has made me feel once again rather bored. Stuck in a 9 to 5 mundane office cubicle job and off to begin yet another gruelling semester of uni I'm feeling the great boredom of the daily grind. How I wish I could spend the rest of my days without a care in the world, traveling the world. No work, study or controlling parents, just me and the world.

Having seen the wonders this planet possesses I simply cannot fathom the likes of those who stick to what they know, who they know and where they live, work and play, how can they not want for more?

Just back from a cold climate I am melting under our schorching sun. I take to the public streets and my eyes look upon people clothed in nothing but singlets, barely there shorts and thongs by the plenty. It is so odd, the sight seems so foreign to me, people look almost naked. You get use to the big heavy coats and boots, seeing exposed skin suddenly almost seems wrong, maybe a little indecent. I once again see the bogan masses of which Brisbane is polluted with.

People might find me a little ungrateful so I would also like to mention there are many things that have made me happy about being back. As I walked my usual route through the city I couldn't help but smile. This is my city no matter how often I criticise it. The air smells so very fresh and clean, birds chirp their morning song, clouds of cigarette smoke is almost non existent and cars politely stop at pedestrian crossings. The feeling of being a down right local is wonderful, my first day back and a stranger asks for directions; being able to help with ease is strangely fulfilling. I love my city. It feels good to eat at my favourite cafes, relax in my favourite park, sit on my prefered bus seat, walk my favourite routes and shop at my favourite shops. Familiarity provides you with comfort and a feeling of true belonging. It may not have ancient architecturally beautiful structures, or history worth telling your grandchildren as they sit listening with trepidation. It might not warrant a lonely planet guide or place in the top ten most beautiful cities but it is gorgeous in its own right. Being away for about 2 months my city looks fresh, buildings I usually walk straight past, I sit and admire for a while, places are thought were mediocre suddenly seem rather extraordinary and shops I took for granted look all the more appealing.

So although I am devastated to be back working the daily grind I am also rather elated to see my city just as it always was, a place of relaxed personalities, casual dining and open spaces. I know my fanciful dreams are merely dreams and being a constant trekking the globe nomad is simply out of the question, so I shall simply injure and persist, for I'm sure all this hard work will pay off eventually. My travels have taught me to make the most of each day, find adventure where you can and find your passion in life.

Carpe Diem!

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