Thursday, 6 January 2011

Whimsical Walks

A few days ago I went to visit Julia's Grandad's farm in Dundee. Just a two hour bus trip from Edinburgh to Dundee where we met Julia's rather Scottish aunt who drove us to the farm. It was everything I hoped it would be. Her Grandad is such a lovely old man, even though it was often extremely hard to understand him. Julia's family are Scottish through and through. Think listening to a language you have known all your life but have suddenly started to forget how to understand it. Their accents are strong and sentences fly out their mouths as if talking was going out of fashion.

We spent the entire afternoon exploring acres and acres of farmland in which I paid homage to Bear Grylls; living on the edge climbling steep snowy hills while creating foot holds, sliding down slopes and fording streams. I may have even pretended to track deer. The views were magnificent and the walks were so peaceful and picturesque. Dinner was kindly bought by another Aunty: a classic fish supper as they call it here, which is a good old fish and chips. This was authentic English - wrapped in newspaper, soggy chips and the whole greasy caboodle.
We spent the evening in the cosy quintessential English country house playing board games with the family and eating "sweeties".

It was rather hard to wake up the next morning as the beds were so cosy and warm, layer upon layer of soft doonas and hot water bottle. The view from our room was gorgeous. I gazed out the window to find a beautiful pheasant in the backyard, finches gracefully darting and hills made for pure escapism. We haded off to the ponds for another walk, heading down the rather icy driveway. Well worth the hike as we gazed upon a fairytale scene of frozen ponds and moss green trees. Lunch was homemade potato and leek soup it felt so comforting to the soul. On the bus trip home I thought of how wonderful it was to experience a small bit of country living. Now I truly know I could one day live such a quiet life somewhere amongst rolling green hills with nothing but the beautiful noise of nature to wake your slumber.

Back in Edinburgh now. Today we took a lovely free walking tour which although already here a week it was good to know more of the history. So many stories to tell (not meaning to sound like I'm quoting play school). Edinburgh as I have already mentioned is absolutely swamped in history and according to the guide the locals know and continue to follow these traditions. It made me think about Brisbane, what would we talk about? What would be our most rivetting story to tell? I rake my brain and all I can think about it the 74 floods, maybe Crazy Sir Joe? Nothing exactly as monumentous or long standing as the tales of Edinburgh.

Today I also tried another Scottish delacacy - the deep fried mars bar. Well it is true what they say: anything deep fried taste amazing! That is definitely one of those very rare treats I would say.

We will be taking a visit to Edinburgh castle tomorrow and visiting Glasgow for the weekend so watch this space!

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