Saturday, 29 January 2011

Train travel

It's a rather pleasant way to travel especially if you are in Europe. However it comes with it's disadvantages. Not reserving seats to save our euros means dodgy seats as we uncomfortably try and shrink with our enormous luggage blocking the isles. The other disadvantage would be the length. From Amsterdam to Rome it will take me a good 23 hours once you factor in the waiting time between trains. For me though these small inconveniences are well worth it. They are smooth vehicles, easy to understand and there is no need to turn up at the station two hours beforehand. Not to mention I still hold train travel in a very romantic light. It was once the beginning of being able to visit neighbouring cities, traveling to far off newfound destinations. People dressed in formal attire as the station manager blowed his whistle for the steam train to chug along on these rail tracks that once seemed so magnificent and new; the human race was and is constantly growing, learning and creating.

A world without trains? If there was such a thing I would surely find another world.

As we wait for an hour and a half for our next train we take salvation rather sadly in an evil take over the world Starbucks. Yes it maybe safe, maybe even wrong but sometimes you cannot go past a place of the known and can you really say no to free wifi? I think the answer to that is an obvious no.

Although I rant about the past and all the beauty it once held I'm not sure how I would actually live without the Internet. It makes travel so easy. You can quickly book accommodation online, check emails and manage your slowly decreasing bank accounts.

So here is to trains and horrible american coffee shops, both rather convenient when one is traveling.

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