Monday, 17 January 2011

London, lovers and Luxembourg

As I say farewell to Edinburgh I say hello to yet another historically painted city - London! This being my second visit i was ready to be underwhelmed but once again it delighted the senses. I never knew a place could continue to bring so much promise and happiness. I only wish Londoners knew how lucky they are to live in such a magical place.

I love how anyone can navigate the underground. Stations are as easy to find as Asians are in sunnybank, the train runs with absolute efficiency and stops are clearly defined by the screen and the nice lady over the speaker. We took to picadilly circus both nights enjoying a play called the 39 steps an legally blonde the musical (do not judge it was actually a fabulous musical!). Again I cannot fully describe how much I love London. Coming back I almost felt home. This short stay has simply reiterated my desire to work here someday.

After a very efficient and pleasant ride on the eurostar as I was entertained by their quality magazine full of interesting articles we arrived in Paris. As we made our way to the hotel I was again underwhelmed by the so called city of light. Beggars preach on every corner and ghastly smells pollute the air. This scene isn't exactly the perfect place for lovers, more like the city of litter or maybe of loathing any language other than French!

Maybe it would be another story if you were here on a Blair Waldorf budget. A little French under your belt as you are chauffeured around, spending thousands along the champs élysées, sampling the finest macaroons in your Chanel dress before slipping into some Prada as you take your tasebuds on a gastronomical ride at Michelin star restaurants. Maybe then Paris would be the city everyone praises. But for the humble student traveller all you see is the dirt Paris tries to keep swept under their rather deceivingly clean carpets.

So glad to leave Paris a 3 hour train ride has given me Luxembourg an I have been immediately won over. This is the sort of European country I dream of. One worth all those stories of romance and incandescent beauty. The streets are clean, the buildings so unique along the winding roads and the scenery worth a million photos. I cannot wait to explore this town as being a Sunday today a lot of places are shut. Who would have thought this was still the case in some countries especially being so use to australian trading hours.

Keep reading for Luxembourgin adventures ahead!

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