Thursday, 20 January 2011

Discovery and dreams

As we headed out to explore Luxembourg I began to see the beauty of the city even more. We followed a walk set out in a tourist pamphlet and my goodness it showed Luxembourg in it's greatest light. We discovered a gorgeous part of town with high end shopping and gorgeous restaurants we couldn't afford but a girl can dream.
The walk took us along what is left of the old castle and city barriers. Unfortunately the signs with the historic explanation was only in french and German. The castemates which are the underground tunnels were sadly closed for maintenance - one of the greatest disadvantages of traveling in the winter.
A beautiful and delectable patisserie was the provider for a most calorie high dinner - mushroom quiche followed by an array of desserts, choc tart, apple tart and frangipane tart.
Staying in hostels is actually a wonderful experience - if you stay in the right ones. My dorm was shared by 2 lovely finnish girls who although sometimes rather loud were very friendly. Our last night we were treated to another guest from America. She was amazing for the couple of hours in the wee morning that we spoke to her. She helped us out with places to go in Amsterdam and was (unlike the stereotype) a very well travelled American. Then I began to feel completely inadequate as she began to speak Finnish... We posed the question an she could speak five languages! To make it or the more impressive the Finnish girls spoke three. So here I was with uno nĂºmero English - how uneducated.
So although my tired body was initially rather infuriated by the rattle of conversation and sounds at 1am I became less so on meeting the new arrival.
The train to Antwerp was wonderful - a quick three hours to Brussels and then to Antwerp in under an hour on lovely clean and spacious trains.
On the way to finding our hotel I am once again in a world of dreams - being in a European city full of picturesque views and to die for architecture on every corner.

So what seems to be my current mood - I believe it is pure elation as I discover the Europe of dreams.

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