Friday, 28 January 2011


What isn't there to say about Amsterdam. Well maybe that it is probably not the perfect vacation spot for small children. It has been a while since I have arrived somewhere so touristy, it must be a nightmare during summer.

The Anne Frank house was a very emotional visit as you felt all the fear and suffering as you walked through the rooms that saw so much.

The Van Gogh museum was equally busy, complete with a pretty pricey entry fee but well worth it. His paintings are so lively and energetic. And yes, my inner doctor who nerd was thinking of that beautiful Van Gogh episode as I admired his paintings wishing he knew how much the world appreciates and adores him.

A free walking tour took us through the red light district and taught us the colourful history of Amsterdam complete with free cheese tasting! What we learnt was that amsterdam simply turns the other way, they tolerate activities and stand by "plausible deniability." As long as it is profitable and not harming anyone why get rid of it. Tina our tour guide was amazing, friendly with a hilarious sense of humour, she deserved a good tip despite our slowly dwindling wallets.

Meeting people overseas is wonderful. Nothing better than having contacts all over the world. I have also decided that Americans you meet traveling are the best kind as they don't think America is the best country in the world and everything else is horrendously inferior. They actually appreciate the world and all it's diversity.

So Amsterdam is unlike any
other city i have visited and I am extremely glad for the visit. Off to Rome tomorrow morning on a pretty epic train ride but anything is better than airports and planes.


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