Sunday, 2 January 2011

Airports, Arrivals and Atmosphere

So here I thought I just hated flights, however airports are equally easy to dislike. I will not go into too much detail as I simply do not wish to relive such horrible times but let us just say that Lufthansa airlines combined with abnormally busy Frankfurt airport = nightmare. This resulted in more flights and late arrival into Edinburgh, thankfully still arriving on the same night. We shall leave this topic until my return home.

Edinburgh is a town you only thought was in fairytales or make believe. It is simply perfect. It is true what they say, men in full Scottish attire adorn the streets playing bagpipes and speaking in wonderful accents. The architecture makes the place feel so atmospheric. Scots are also extremely proud and patriotic and I love how this keep traditions strong and relevant.

I took part in the torchlight procession held each year on the 30th as part of the Hogmonay celebrations. Torches are lit through the crowds and everyone walks along the royal mile completed with fireworks, songs and a raging bonfire. It felt absolutely wonderful, you were apart of something so old, seeped in tradition and culture. Nothing quite like it in good old Brisbane.

New Years Eve celebrations were equally amazing as we took to the streets. We also went to the Keleidh which is traditional Scottish dancing, bagpipes played as we danced till our feet could no longer walk. Edinburgh streets this morning however aren't exactly postcard material...
Today we took part in the one o'clock run. Starting at the top of Edinburgh Castle and ended at the bottom of the royal mile we ran. Yes, for those who know me well this isn't normally my idea of recreational fun. Although my legs are now feeling the burn, I enjoyed it immensely.

So from what I have so far seem of Edinburgh I am utterly astonished by its' beauty. It makes Brisbane seem so artificial, generic and one dimensional. I cannot wait to explore more. Having a wee wonderful time, stay tuned for more adventures in ye olde Scotland.

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