Monday, 10 January 2011

Accomplishments & Appetites

Sunday was a day of adventure. We climbed Arthur's Seat which in relative terms is a rather steep hill or what I prefer to say a relatively average mountain. Feeling professional with my snow boots with attached spikes I was ready to take on this snow covered and trecherous terrain.
As there were no signs to lead us in any certain direction we simply kept climbing on. We came across a crossroads where there was a rather gradual climb and the other option - some rather steep looking zig zag stairs. You shall all be shocked to know we took the stair option. As we struggled our way up taking a number of breaks runners in full athlete attire ran past our unfit bodies. As the sweat was increasing and the bones were slowly aching we made it to the top and goodness was it worth it. The feeling is so exhilerating and coming from a person who is allergic to gyms and often the outdoors I'm starting to believe I'm converting. Now a small fraction of me understands those who find solice in hiking, climbing, skiing, the list goes on.
The view was spectacular and the feeling was absolutely gratifying. Two days on and the legs are still rather exhausted.

After completing such a challenge we felt our stomachs deserved a treat. We went to Dinner at Stac Polly, a fairly upmarket restaurant specialising in Modern Scottish. We ignored our budgets and devoured three courses each. My meal consisted of haggis wrapped in philo pastry and a gorgeous red wine reduction, followed by a delicious pheasant wrapped in bacon, gravy sauce and greens finished off with a warm clootie dumpling with home made egg custard. It was a wonderful meal and well worth the cash.

Yesterday was a little less active as we slept in and decided once again to treat our appetites with a gorgeous brunch of poached eggs, beans, sausage and all things devine. We slowly walked around to discover a couple of cute boutiques and then caught a short bus ride to Hannah's family friends house who kindly invited us for dinner. The family were so relaxed and friendly. You felt as if you knew them already. Dinner was Scottish right down to the last drop. We started off with haggis and neeps (neeps are the nickname for turnips), followed by a wonderful main of silverside, roast veggies and tatties (potatoes) and perfectly ending with cranachan for dessert (or as they say here 'pudding'). Cranachan consists of rasberries, cream, whiskeys and an oat mix - amazing and a must try!

Today we are off to venture around and in Edinburgh castle! So until then I will say adieu from a rather Scottish filled traveller.

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