Friday, 10 December 2010

Hello WWW

Well here I am. Yet another small individual who is in the big picture nothing special.
I simply want to write, let people get a glimpse of a small individual. I would love to go about this by handwriting on beautiful parchment and sending it off in the forgotten post. However, we are in the 21st Century. We have no time to wait for mail in the letter box, we have no patience for the pen and paper and God forbid we cannot live a day without our technology.

This is a taste of what is to come. Silly me voicing my rather old school opinions and wishing for a rather more reminiscent world. You will soon discover I am a universe of contradictions. Yearning for bygone manners yesterday, feeling awfully modern today. Sometimes I am a complete optimist and sometimes I sink into a world of little hope.

Stay tuned for more trivial nothings...

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