Thursday, 23 December 2010


Here we are again. Another Christmas, just as it always was. Someone once told me that he thinks we are loosing our Christmas spirit, that Christmas day with the family is no longer as big as he once remembered. Well I have news for you mister!
Thankfully we as a family celebrate Christmas the way it should be. We have not changed. If anything we have grown to love it even more. Christmas may be smaller this year in terms of numbers but never in terms of love and cheer. Those who cannot be with us this year chose on their own accord, not because of us, maybe they are loosing their festive juices, but our family is not.
Your perception of things may have changed, look deep down and maybe it is you who has lost a little bit of joy. I am not saying this mysterious person is a grinch, far from it. I am simply trying to let him know that Christmas in our family will always be there and the more you perceive it as lost, the more you yourself will begin to feel a change. Embrace and know that we hold traditions strong and forever. Change may happen, but it will work out to be most advantageous.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. A night where often I feel rather darkly and miserably alone (I'm stepping into dangerous territory here). While the world has their parties with family and friends, while others snuggle together for a late night Christmas movie, I remain alone. To be honest, I do not mind (most of the time). However, as I ponder on what to do I find myself wanting to watch Love Actually but I then begin to see the negatives in this plan. The perfectness of it all will make me rather sad; if only life were more like the movies. I have been thinking for weeks now of how to amuse myself, keep myself sane and happy until a couple of days ago when my brother kindly informed me they would be home not too late. I was utterly elated inside. I rely on my siblings like we rely on food. I may call myself independent, but I am far from it. So tomorrow night I will be alone for a time in which I will contemplate my existence until, reliant as always they will walk through the door and cheer me up (even if my actions do not tend in such a happy direction). I am a burden indeed, so I thank them for dealing with my rather wanting behaviour.

So, here is to another wonderful, jovial and loving Christmas. Let us be grateful for those around us, let them know we care and that we are thankful so very much for their company and support.

Next weeks topic... Europe! Since it is only fitting as I shall be there.
For the next seven weeks this will turn into (hopefully) a bit of a travel blog full of exciting adventures and wonderful tales. However, as I am a poor student do not expect too much.

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